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Sound and Space Research is an international art research platform based on research groups focusing on sound, space and its resonances to the social and environmental context.

Initiated by artist Sandra Volny PhD, Sound and Space Research aims to build collective experiences and knowledge based on sounding spaces through interdisciplinary artistic research and practices.

Sound and Space Research groups have taken place in Chile, Greece and Canada in collaboration with artists, scientists, architects, anthropologists, dancers, performers and musicians. Experimentation is at the center of the research and leads to artistic productions in forms of exhibitions, workshops, conferences and publications.

The act of listening to our space emerges from our body awareness: its posture, movement and breathing. What are the implications of listening consciously to our space? What can we see through sound? What can we imagine through sound?

Sound and Space Research invites visual artists, sound artists, musicians, poets, architects, dancers, performers, designers, anthropologists, scientists, wellness professionals to explore their practice through sound: its materiality and intangibility, its resonances and connection to the social and environmental context.

Learn more about it on  www.soundandspaceresearch.com