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ai ship

AI-Ship The New States of Being, Harvard Law School.

AI-ship. A neologism coined from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the suffix “-ship” which means “the fact or state of being”. AI-ship refers to the new relationships and identities emerging from the use of AI.

AI-Ship: the New States of Being is an interdisciplinary s exhibition engaging the general public in reflecting on the ethical, legal and social issues of the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in health. The exhibition seeks to create a dialogue between artists and bioethicists as well as to foster a public reflection on the cutting-edge topic of AI-ship.

– The first part of the interdisciplinary Aiship project, The New States of Being / Les nouveaux états d’être, will be presented at the Centre d’exposition de l’Université de Montréal (CEUM) from September 27 to December 14, 2019. Combining art and science, this collective exhibition, curated by Aseman Sabet, is the result of a dialogue between artists and bioethicists openly questioning the emotional and relational issues raised by the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in health.

Leadership Team
Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, PhD, Project Director.
Nathalie Voarino, Scientific Coordinator

Exhibition Curated By
Aseman Sabet

Artist + Bioethicist: The Duos Gregory Chatonsky (Paris) – Laurence Devillers (Paris-Sorbonne) Mat Chivers (Royaume-Uni) – Cansu Canca (AIEthics Lab) Clément de Gaujelac (Montréal) – Pascale Lehoux (Université de Montréal) Julie Favreau (Berlin) – Effy Vayana (ETH Zürich) Sandra Volny (Montréal) – Robert Truog (Harvard Medical School)

Exhibition Dates
Montréal, Sept-Dec, 2019
Boston, Spring 2020
Geneva, Fall 2020