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Aural Soilscapes: Creating Ecological Consciousness to Climate Change

How do sounds from our environment influence us as humans and how do we stand in relationship to other ecosystems and living organism? Animals, plants, microbes use sounds to communicate with each other, the same way as we do as humans. We want to move away from the anthropocentric view of considering plants and other living organisms as objects and move towards a holistic view on ecosystems interacting with each other.

Aural Soilscapes : creating ecological consciousness to climate change is an Art-Science collaboration aiming to cross the artificial boundaries separating contemporary arts and sciences. This research project is a collaboration between the artist Sandra Volny PhD founding director of Sound and Space Research, with Ruth Schmidt, PhD in biology and postdoctoral fellow at Etienne Yergeau’s lab at IRNS, Franc?ois-Joseph Lapointe PhD artist and tenured professor of biology at Universite? de Montre?al, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne PhD senior scientist at the Sustainability Science Lab at McGill University, Nicolas Be?langer PhD professor of environmental sciences at TELUQ, and Ariel Beaudoin-Lambert student currently doing a DESS in art, creation and technology at Universite? de Montre?al. The research group would like to thank the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science for its support.

Learn more about it on  www.soundandspaceresearch.com 

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