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HD video, surround sound 5.1, original language French, subtitles in English.

Based on interviews and performances with the Hartings, a family of blind singers, Sonar explores the phenomenon of “human echolocation,” the ability to orient oneself in space through sound. Sonar functions both as “sonar,” underwater sound propagation that allows boats to navigate and detect other vessels, and as a metaphor for the act of remembering. Searching our memories, we emit a sound pulse in space. What does the returning sound pulse tell us about our surroundings and ourselves? Throughout this experimental documentary, sound reveals itself for the Hartings as a medium to express identity and communicate emotions, as well as a vector used to recover individual memories.

Excerpt from Sonar, 3min54 of originally 8min52, 16:9, HD, split screen video projection, loop, color, sound, language: french/ english, subtitles: french/ english

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Installation view, exhibition for Ignition 7, the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, 2011.

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Credits: Directed, produced, edited: Sandra Volny; Performance: Denis Harting, Lauviah Harting, Peggy Roux; Camera and sound recording: Unai Miquelajauregui, Francis Rossignol, Sandra Volny; Lights and equipment: Christopher Boyne, Jamie Campbell, Javiera Ovalle Sazie