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Sounding Spaces

Site specific, performance at the Darling Foundry, Montréal

“If we concentrate and become receptive to our aural environment, we can feel the support of the ground underneath us, we can sense its subtlest vibrations. Sounds beyond the limits of the ear may be gathered by other sensory systems of the body. The range of frequencies humans can typically hear is situated between 20 and 20,000 Hz. If we listen closely to our aural space, our whole body starts hearing its subtlest vibrations.” Excerpt from the meditation given at the Darling Foundry, as part of a performance for the Canadian Centre for Architecture, in September 2012. Based on a Chinese meditation technique that explores the tangible and intangible, this performance engages with the different levels and frequencies of vibrations from both spaces and “non-spaces.” (Augé, 1992)

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Camera: Unai Miquelajauregui